Saturday, April 23, 2005

Please Super Size Me

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I understand the purpose of eating healthy. Sometimes, I even try to do so, but when I want to eat crap food, I want a lot of it. The far reaching tenrils of Morgan Spurlock's imitation of Upton Sinclair are beginning to anger me. I go to jack in the box today, and all i want is a damn combo meal. I order said combo, and the "waitress" retorts "LARGE, Medium, or small?"This threw me for a loop, however brief. There was a time when ordering a combo meal meant that you had to make no decisions. That is why they have a combo meal. Is this jack in the box's attempt at catering to a healthier society? Or is it just a money making scam? Charge the same price that you used to, lower the size, and charge more for people to get the size that they are used to. Stop me if i begin to sound like andy rooney, but this is just insane. Damn that was a good burger though.


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