Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday Fun with Youtube - How to Kill a Baby Edition

A non-bloody demonstration. Make sure you watch until the end - you don't want to miss the best part.

"The word abortion has lost practically all its meaning. Not even the most vivid description, in words alone, can adequately convey the horror of this act of violence. Abortion is sugar-coated by rhetoric which hides its gruesome nature. The procedure is never shown in the media. Too many people remain either in ignorance or denial about it, and hence too few are moved to do something to stop it. Graphic images are needed. A picture is worth a thousand words -- and in this battle, it can be worth many lives as well." -Father Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life
In any matter of public policy that deals with life and death, ignorance is inexcusable. Responsible citizenship demands not just familiarity with the issue, but a truly informed conscience. We've already learned about how abortions of the partial birth variety are performed, now let's look at earlier trimester procedures.

Suction and Curretage

Dilation and Evacuation (emphasis on the evacuation)

So know we know how it's done, but is this enough? Do these pictorial descriptions "adequately convey the horror of this act of violence"? Of course not. We still haven't seen the effect of the crime on the victims themselves.

Let me warn you right now, before we go any further, that the pictures I'm about to link to are absolutely horrifying. These are babies have literally been ripped limb by limb from what should be the safest place in the world - their mother's womb. I have never been able to look at these without completely breaking down into tears. Imagine what you see here happening 30 million times in the past 30 years, in this country alone. God only knows the 100s of millions that have been forced upon women in China. It's disgusting, it's barbaric, and it's still legal.



And now you know why I vote pro-life. And why the thought of killing my child never once crossed my mind when I found out that he existed. And why I'm gonna go play with him now. The end.

Misshapes Mistakes Missteps...

I am not sure if any of you guys know about Misshapes, but here in the bubble that I live in, I hold it in high regard (cough cough). Misshapes is the most hipster of all the hipster parties here in New York. It is weekly at this club called Donhills, and there is a weekly column on Gawker called Blue States Lose that pokes fun at them, as well other too cool for school parties and photographers (see Cobrasnake, whom took my picture last night, and Last Nights Party) Anyways, and heres my point dude, somebody made an awesome clip making fun of Misshapes, mixing it with the Cheers theme, to me, it's priceless. I suggest looking through all of the pics on the misshapes site, and you will get what I mean.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another day, another dollar, another disappointment

Well boys, the day arrived. After bearing the brunt of unprecedented incompetence in my dealings with the shipping company, they finally got the damn thing delivered yesterday afternoon. No exaggeration - the only thing left to go wrong in the whole ordeal was for it to be damaged in transit.

Guess what.

Tito and I ripped the box open like kids on Christmas morning only to find the pane of glass busted. All over. Although we knew it was going back, we set it up anyway in the hopes of at least catching a glimpse of glorious, albeit cracked, 50" High Definition. No such luck. The thing just sat there and hummed like a bug zapper on crack.

Anyway, the guy I talked to at newegg said they would have to file a claim with Panasonic (5-7 business days), then they would send someone to pick up the broken one (1-2 days later), THEN they would ship another. At this point, waiting has become the standard for me, so it's sort of whatever. The only thing I know is they better fucking FedEx it this time, because the shipping companies I dealt with getting it here the first time were boneheaded beyond belief.

Sometimes I wish Baby Jesus would be a little more subtle in telling me that I'm not supposed to have this thing. I love you, Baby Jesus.

And I love you guys.


Friday, April 14, 2006

The Easter Bunny Hates You

Happy Easter.

myspace easter bunny

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ready, set, Triduum.

TV ETA: 4/17/2006

It will be a joyful Easter Monday indeed.


Random story -

While I was walking to lunch earlier today, there was some sort of demonstration being put on by some sort of Southeastern Asians, protesting the extradition of someone named Ly Tong. I had no idea who or what the deal was, so I just checked it out on the ol' Wikipedia.

Read his story.

Looks like he's about to be thrown into Vietnamese death camp for about ever. Friggin' commies.


Check out Yahoo Maps. I'm always partial to Google anything, but these are much higher res in some cases, and have really nifty features. Decisions, decisions....


Being as it is Maundy Thursday, I feel it appropriate to share with you a couple of stanzas from the most sublime of all Eucharistic hymns, written by the greatest theologian in the history of humanity - the angelic doctor, Thomas Aquinas.

Pange lingua gloriosi
Corporis mysterium,
Sanguinisque pretiosi,
Quem in mundi pretium
Fructus ventris generosi
Rex effudit Gentium...

Tantum ergo Sacramentum
Veneremur cernui:
Et antiquum documentum
Novo cedat ritui:
Praestet fides supplementum
Sensuum defectui.
Obviously, I won't be around tomorrow, so happy Easter to you all in advance.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bombs away.

The good folks at have shipped. Delivery is ground. Rest assured, I will keep you posted.

For now - Francis - this is just for you. Bottom 10 of the 1986 World Series, recreated on RBI baseball, with Scully's play-by-play as the voiceover. It's kinda like how they re-did Kirk Gibson's '88 Series miracle for that commercial with the old dude playing softball, only way cooler because a) it's on the effing NES and b) this one is far more tragic. Via San Diego Serenade. Enjoy, my friend.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mom, I need some tokenssss

San Angelo never had a real arcade, per se, but it had something infinitely cooler: Shakey's Pizza. My knowledge of the history of San Angelo Shakey's is limited. I think ours was probably a knockoff (the real Shakey's franchises served MoJo potatoes, ours had RoJos...), and apparently it was a popular high school hang out during my parent's day. Whatever. All I know for sure is that they had badass pizza, even badder-ass RoJos, they used to show Looney Tunes and Three Stooges non-stop, and they had the sweeeeeeetest game room of all time.

Sure you had your standard token-ticket games, but that was kid stuff. The real bread and butter were the arcade games. Since I probably ate there no less 10,000 times in my life, I played them all. They always had the newest ones out front, but there were several old standards that my friends and I played countless times. Games like...

G.I. Joe - A forward scrolling classic where you control side to side movement and a crosshair. I always used to get the same "oh fuck" feeling whenever the giant air base would launch out of the water for the final level. Gotta go with two players. "Go Joe!"

Captain America and the Avengers - "Okayyyy Gooooooooo!" "Thank you, Wonderman!" "Fine. Fine. Fine." To this very day, I still say these things to myself, sometimes even out loud, in the hopes that someone else hears and remembers the greatness that was this game. No one ever does. Four player goodness prevails.

X-Men - Yet another four player job, this one was hella-fun. Not only were the mutant powers fooking sweet to use (I was ALWAYS Colossus or Nightcrawler), you could beat the Sentinels up after you had knocked them down, so there was always something to do. Add in a slew of memorable bosses, and you had yourself a great time. "Nothing moves the BLOB!!!" "X-Men, welcome to die!"

The Simpsons - Goooooo. I would probably pay good money to have this one in my house. It was that excellent. From brilliant locales to insane bosses to bonus stages where you blew up a balloon of your own head to the multiplayer attacks, flawless from start to finish. In all honesty, I only made it all the way to Mr. Burns a couple times out of the thousands I played this game - it was really hard - but the times I beat him were highlights of my childhood existence.

Pit Fighter - This one was really interesting. It used digitized actors, and even if they were pixellated as hell, they looked really cool fighting each other. If my memory serves me correctly, the violence was also pretty realistic. You were a fighter in some illegal fighting tournament, trying to make it to the big boss, an executioner looking dude who is a foot taller than you. At least you got weapons. Sometimes.

Knights of the Round - I played this one A LOT. Side scrolling action similar to Golden Axe, only it is Arthurian. You pick up loot along the way, ride a horse, use some sort of unspecified magic, kick ass and rescue babes, and your character gets to level up. What more do you want? It was three player, and you could pick from Arthur, Lancelot, or Percival. I was always Percival if I could be - he was the slow, strong one. Just like me in real life.

NBA Jam - Ahhhhhh, where is JORDAN?!?!? Fuck, I guess I'll be Stockton/Malone. What's that? Ewing/Starks wants a pice? Fool, you just got full-court-triple-somersault DUNKED on. Yeah, Stockton's lightin' up the threes. "He's on FIRE!" Boo ya. Gotta give props to its predecessor Arch Rivals, too. Classic.

Street Fighter II - I fucking sucked at fighting games. Still do. My strategy amounts to button mashing and Back-Back-B combos. No matter - I still pumped countless tokens into this machine. "Sonic Boom!" "Yoga fire" Chun Li's "Yapyapyapyapyap" "Shoryuken!" I could never time the jump over that one... Vastly superior to the second, and the original of a thousand series spawns, this one was always classic.

Super Off Road - Babes and truck racing, hell yeah. I used to love burning all my nitros right off the bat. Eat dirt, Ironman Stewart! The little trucks looked and drove like Micro Machines, but that was half the fun. A nearly forgotten favorite.

M.E.R.C.s - I saved the best for last. I have no earthly idea what MERC stands for, but it may as well be "The Fucking Coolest Game Ever Made." Or something. Three Arnold-Schwarzenneger-in-Predator-like players. Power ups beyond your wildest imagination. Loads of enemies to bomb, burn, shoot, impale, defecate on, whatever. Weaponed vehicles to drive/shoot from. This one also prominently featured the "Say No to Drugs" screen that so many games of its era displayed between playings. I ALWAYS made sure to get one of the flame throwers early on, and would proceed with my little buddies to decimate everything in site. This was a 10 year old's wet dream: pizza, cartoons, and coop arcade domination.

Shakey's closed down when I was in junior high, I think. Now it's a World Buffet. Fuck that.

Oh yeah, I also forgot Turtles in Time. I think that one was kind of a given, though.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The dude abides

I have absolutely no clue why the "stupid male/sassy female" schtick in advertising continues to play out - it's not like women are the ones actually making money to be spent. Once, just once, I'd like to see/hear a commercial where the man condescends the woman and treats her like she has the mental capacity of a baboon, while the woman meanwhile plays the the part of a self-actualizing entity whose hierarchy of needs reaches zenith with manicures and a gossip ring. That at least seems a lot more realistic.


So about immigration reform. First of all, HR 4437 in its House incarnation is probably the single most idiotic piece of "reform" ever presented regarding this issue. Building walls on the Mexican border and turning 11 million undocumented illegal aliens - as well as anyone who aids them - into felons makes about as much sense as pissing on your own carpet. This to say nothing at all of the certainly unfillable void in the labor force that would be created were this bill to be implemented to fruition.

Am I biased at all in the issue? You're goddamn right I am - I'm half Texan, half Mexican. There is no Texas without Mexico, and vice-versa, and there is definitely no me without either. As such, I empathize equally with people of both countries, though I may feel greater sympathy with my Mexican brothers for no other reason than they are consistently treated with far less dignity than we are. I am all for justice, but only in the absolute sense of the word.

Yesterday there was a massize march in Dallas, in protest of the bill in question and to demonstrate the people's desire for authentic immigration reform. Almost half a million people showed up. That's right, half a million, making it the largest civil rights demonstration in the city's history. Today, Houstonians take to the streets. God only knows what effect, if any, these and other marches all over the country will have, but I can't help but well up with emotion and pride in the movement. My hope is that the desire for justice will be satiated in all.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'll punch somebody in the head for some cake

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is Humorous

Seriously though, I do love me some cake, especially if Optimus Prime is on it. Speaking of Optimus Prime, check this...

3D Optimus

I smell a movie.

And who spells Tyler "Tyeler?"

edit: here is the movie.

and they are making a feature leangth

edit 2:

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hell has Frozen Over

It's snowing today here in New York, I cannot get used to this.

And in the meantime, check out today's word of the day from, I nearly shat myself when I got their daily email.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


This may or may not be the greatest thing ever. If I had a yard, I would totally buy this thing....too bad that I have not seen grass in 6 months

The Lawn Chair

I implore that one of you with a yard buy this thing and use it, and then invite me over to see it. I will fly in, I swear.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Worthless Post

Since Vince is MIA, and I am too busy to do anything of merit, and Richard just watches Wolf Parade, I am going to keep up these pointless posts. This link is pretty awesome though, so enjoy. And bitch and moan until Vince graces us with his presence again.

this rocks, this was my place on Saturday (read I wish this was my place on Saturday.)

Please come back Vince.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Here's Something, I guess

I want the gold.

at least I had never seen this. It's Awesome.

P.S. - Please post Vince, I need inspiration.