Saturday, September 08, 2007

My first college football notes of the season

Beginning at 10:45 in the P.M.

1. I'll go ahead and get this one out of the way first. With no disrespect meant towards the victims of the shooting, I am so happy to see V-Tech get the everliving shit kicked out of them. I've fucking hated "Beamer Ball" since the first time I heard the term, and I think they've consistently been one of the most overrated programs during the past 5-7 years. This season, the communal dicksucking they've received from the sports media (cough*ESPN*cough) has been nothing short of sickening. I can't wait until they lose two more games over the course of the season.

2. All I'm gonna say about this one: Dear Greg Davis, Remember the I Formation? I do. Love, Everyone.

3. I think I just invented the perfect poor Mexican's margarita. In a heavily iced glass, pour two shots tequila, one shot brandy, one shot Curacao; fill the rest with Lemon Lime Gatorade. Toss in copious amounts of salt and lime. Mmmmm....

4. This LSU team is good. SCARY fucking good.

5. Aaaand flipping over to ESPN2... Probably the only time I'll ever admit this is after I've consumed several of the aforementioned drinks, but holy fucking shit, Auburn's got some talent. True, nothing will ever change the fact that Texas girls are the best in the world, but there's just something about those Old South gals that gets to me every time. Any time I see a group of three of them in HD, it's instantly love at first sight. During their SEC coverage, CBS usually does a great job of keeping me focused on their hot asses, but I've got to give it to ESPN tonight: they're doing their part. Here's to the great state of Alabama.

6. And to Michigan (in my best Ralph Wiggum voice): Ha ha.

7. Herbstreit just said he's keeping USC at #1 and voting OU into #3; LOOOOO-ser.

Alright, time to start obsessing over my fantasy teams.



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