Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thank Christ I don't live in Katy

Seriously. Every morning while I'm driving and I hear the traffic report, that's pretty much exactly what I say. Same thing for the afternoon drive home.

This week, Forbes named the Katy Freeway/West Loop interchange as the second worst traffic spots in the nation (...and this picture was taken when Mrs. Reagan was first lady of the NATION; not of California...). The mag cites the spot as being responsible for 25+ million hours of delay each year. I'm really not surprised; the entire freeway is always a damn clusterfuck. With multiple pending lane and ramp closures due to construction, it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

Let's go to the map.

Nine times out of ten, if I'm on the Katy Freeway (I-10 west out of downtown), I'm on my way to Austin. Four out of those ten, I have Elliot with me. The good thing about small children and babies is that they count as people, meaning that his being in the car entitles me to hop on and ride in the HOV lane. Money, baby. I love zooming past those suckers crawling at 1.5 mph in 103 degree heat on a Friday afternoon. Fuck you, clowns!

I still don't understand why more people, especially those in the suburbs, don't utilize mass transit, or at least carpooling. Just thinking about how much gas money I would burn through in a month if I drove all the way downtown every day makes me want to puke. Hell, you can get a (literally) free ride every day if you just go wait at any Park and Ride long enough. People who are running late for work or who just want to avoid traffic are always looking for sluggers so that they themselves can ride in the HOV lane. Slugging is fucking AWESOME.

In short, traffic sucks and Metro rocks.

At all costs, avoid "The Top 10 Least Satisfying Driving Experiences in Houston."

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At 5:41 PM, June 13, 2007, Blogger Richard said...

I was recently labelled an idiot by Katy natives Tim and Naila for taking 290 to Houston when I travelled during the day.

Boo-ya to them.

At 1:22 AM, June 14, 2007, Blogger Vince said...

Katy is one of two places in Texas that should be nuked off the face of the earth.

At 9:55 AM, June 21, 2007, Blogger Sir Cody said...

its not even just during rush hour. In the middle of the damn day on a Saturday (the Delahoya/Mayweather fight night) I got stuck on the highway and ended up taking country bumpkin backroads just to avoid it.

P.S. - I'm starting to appreciate toll roads the more I visit Dallas & Houston


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