Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Do you see what I see?

I thought the week before Christmas was supposed to be a slack-off one, but apparently I was mistaken - real work is to be had, after all!

What do I do at work, exactly? Well, it's much too complicated for you simpletons to understand if I were to try and explain it, so I'll just give you a quick peek instead:

This is what I look at, 9 hours a day. Actually, our beloved Farva's fair face is usually covered up by one of the apps there in the taskbar. Other than that, though, this is it. I've always got at least three work-related programs running, in which I do probably 95% of all my work: Landmark's Aries, and MS Access and Excel. I guess Outlook is halfway work-related, as well.

And then there's Itunes. He deserves fully one half of the dual screen action, as you can see. I've usually got my Ipod feeding it, but as backup I've got several albums ripped onto my hard drive. (Did I mention I'm in fucking love with the v.7 jukebox art layout?)

So when I'm actually working, it's copious amounts of database manipulation and forecasting of wells. Nine times out of ten though, if you were to walk into my office, I would just be looking at stuff online, wishing it was pr0n.

Just like the rest of you corporate warriors, I'm sure.

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