Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Daily briefing

Great Scott!

This might become an every day kinda thing. Who knows...

  • Hey, who woulda guessed? No WMD. I wonder if Colin Powell still has nightmares about the time he had to go on live national television, in front of the world, and convince us that those trailers were full of death. Oh well, what's a brillinat career really worth if it doesn't have a stain or two.

    Apparently we should expect a wave of Iraqi weapons experts to seek employment in the "benign civil sector." That's funny. I wonder if they'll unionize.

  • This is a fun game. For a microcosm of the bureaucratic mire that is the federal government, go here. Click on one of the top menus and then keep following links that look interesting. See how many clicks it takes to actually find one piece of soild, meaningful information. Better yet see if you can find anything worthwhile without reaching a dead end. Draw your own conclusions.

    End object lesson.

  • She's nothing if not ambitious...

  • A woman in Scotland is suing a hospital over an abortion she had there a few years back. The procedure was performed on her twin unborn children, and one of them, little Jayde, survived. Ah, selfishness is surely a gift from God...

  • Finally, social security. What gives? Here's what gives. There was once a time, we'll call it the first 200,000 or so years of mankind's history, that social security didn't exist. People worked it out. There was something called responsibility, which meant you not only looked after yourself, but your parents as well, when they got old.

    I think Mike Herrera would chime in here with a "responsibility, what's that?"

    I love America. Except when she forces us to finance one of the most bunk systems ever devised by man. Oh wait, I guess I never love it then. Down with social security!
Seacrest, out.


At 8:09 AM, April 27, 2005, Blogger Richard said...

HAH: "The finger appeared it had not been simmering in chili."

I love it. Emeril Lagasse on the witness stand: "The finger hadn't gotten all happy with the chili yet. If it had more time.....you could kick it up a notch with a dash of essence and BAM BAM: a real lawsuit in a world of litigious frivolity."

At 8:42 AM, April 27, 2005, Blogger Vince said...

Richard you are too funnny. Your fans are eagerly awaiting more of your insight.

BTW, did you sign up for tap lessons yet?


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