Thursday, September 07, 2006


I got nothin'.

My every last thought is being consumed by our game, and how I can't wait until tomorrow when I pull into Austin.

And Head On.

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At 2:55 PM, September 07, 2006, Blogger Tito said...

Yep, I'll be pulling in Saturday morning cause ya know, like, some of us have to work a full work week mister.

At 4:59 PM, September 08, 2006, Blogger GIZMO said...

At 6:56 PM, September 08, 2006, Anonymous mango sans headache said...

dude..head on is awesome. it's like vicks vaporub for your brain. tracy's mom put some on me for my hangover 2 weekends ago...but now i've moved on to heroin.


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